UPDATE: TRUMP CAMPAIGN PREPARING LAWSUIT Against Broward Co FL Sec of Elections Brenda Snipes

Mike Cernovich broke this story this morning at Danger and Play:

A massive voter fraud operation was discovered in Democratic Broward County, Florida.

According to a former Secretary of Elections Department employee, there is a secret room where Democrat insiders fill out those absentee ballots.


The woman provided her sworn testimony via affidavit.

The affidavit by Chelsey Marie Smith accuses Broward County officials of filling out blank absentee ballots to officials who she saw filling the ballots out at the Supervisor of Elections headquarters.
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Here are the updates by Jack Posobiec:
FL State Attorney investigators are actively reviewing Broward County Voter Fraud Case

Brenda Snipes claims staff were “replicating damaged ballots”
So, you opened ballots without official monitors present, Brenda?

Largest swing county in Florida

Democrats are cheating 4 days early this year.

Trump Campaign Preparing Lawsuit of Broward Co Florida Sec of Elections Brenda Snipes



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