Unreal. NYT and RCP Won’t Update Their Results With Trump’s Accurate Electoral Votes

Guest Post by Joe Hoft


The Liberal media just can’t give Trump his due after his historic win yesterday. Still today at 3:30pm – nearly 24 hours since voting stopped – the liberal media will not show Trump’s total winning results.

Real Clear Politics is still showing Trump with only 225 delegates to date — Under reporting his 300+ delegates materially.



The New York Times which did a respectable job last night keeping with timely updates still does not show Trump wins in Michigan or Arizona.  Yet they report Michigan with 100% reporting with Trump up 48% to Clinton’s 47% .  Arizona is worse.  They show Trump leading in Arizona by five points with 99% reporting (50% to 45% ).


These sad Liberals just can’t believe Trump won.  They won’t accept it. 

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