TRUMP Holds 5 Point Lead on Hillary Clinton on Monday Before Election

DONALD TRUMP leads Hillary Clinton by 5 points on Monday November 5, 2016, the day before America votes.

The LA Times reported:

David Lauter, the Washington Bureau chief of the LA Times, joined Megyn Kelly to defend the paper’s poll in October.


Lauter told Kelly the poll was very accurate in 2012.

David Lauter: It’s a balanced mix weighted to be representative of the population as a whole…

Megyn Kelly: How confident are you because of course your poll is an outlier?

David Lauter: Well, of course, we don’t have a crystal ball so you never really know. But this group at USC that is doing a poll with us they did the same technique four years ago and they produced a very accurate poll. They were one of the only polls that got President Obama’s reelection margin right. So we think they’re doing a good job.

Via The Kelly File:

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