Supposed “FAKE NEWS” is Just An Excuse From The Media Which Failed The American People


You’ve probably heard about the new scourge of fake news which has taken over the internet and supplanted the “real” media. To hear journalists tell it, all this fake news may even be partially responsible for the outcome of the election.

That is a cop-out.

The truth is that our media is corrupt and has failed the American people. They failed the right by being completely biased. They failed the left by assuring them that there was no way Hillary could lose.


Now they’re complaining about “fake news” to cover for their failures.

This article by Cathy Young at The Hill covers the topic very well:

‘Fake news’ isn’t the problem — mainstream news with an agenda is

“Fake news” has been a big news story for the past week. Hoaxes and fabrications hatched by clickbait-hungry websites — or, some reports say, by the Kremlin propaganda machine—have been blamed for Donald Trump’s election victory.

Leading journalists such as CNN’s Christiane Amanpour have decried the profession’s “existential crisis” caused by the onslaught of fake stories. Google and Facebook have both moved to curb the problem by denying advertising to “fake news” sites.

Meanwhile, critics on both the left and the right argue that the outcry about “fake news” is a manufactured crisis intended to smear and ostracize dissident, non-mainstream media — especially since some of the critiques lump together publications that contain real if slanted reporting, such as Breitbart News or, with sites that publish actual hoaxes (such as a story about Pope Francis endorsing Trump) or satire.

Read the whole thing.

If the media really wants to deal with fake news, they should begin by looking inward.

Not by blaming scapegoats.


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