Stagecraft Hides Small Turnout for Tim Kaine Rally in Melbourne, FL

Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia held a sparsely attended rally Friday evening at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida that stagecraft wizardry made into a packed room for the media.

The rally was held at the Clemente Center gymnasium. Two-thirds of the gym was walled off for the rally. The media pen took up one third of the remaining space. Security fencing forced the attendees to appear bunched near the stage. At stage right, a large amount of space was blocked off by black pipe and drape with a large American flag.

A couple hundred supporters were squeezed into the rally space with about eighty sent to the second floor workout room that had an open view of the gym/rally below.


It worked.

“View from ‘overflow room’ (2nd FL gym) for Tim Kaine Melbourne rally shows two thirds of first floor gym blocked off”

“‘Overflow crowd at Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally stands on workout equipment”

“View of crowd for Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally. FL Sen Bill Nelson speaking”

“Tim Kaine speaks at Melbourne FL rally. Says @realDonaldTrump might poison, food, air, medicines because ‘science'”

“Lot of stagecraft went into making third of gym used for Tim Kaine Melbourne rally even smaller to show ‘packed room”

“More stagecraft to make Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally seem better attended.”

“Close up shows large area next to stage blocked off w/ black drapes & large US flag at Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally”

“View of large media pen shows almost as large as space for attendees to Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally”

“Another view of media pen at Tim Kaine Melbourne FL rally shows it took almost half floor.”

In contrast Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence held a rally on Monday in Cocoa, Florida about 30 miles north of Melbourne attended by 900 supporters with another 800 turned away because the rally hall was filled to capacity (without stagecraft wizardry.)

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