Slacker to the End: Obama Spends Weekend Golfing as Hillary Supporters Riot

President Barack Obama spent five hours golfing Saturday and returned to the links again Sunday as cities across the country were convulsed in violent protests by Obama’s fellow Democrats about the election of Republican Donald Trump to succeed Obama. Obama has not issued a statement about the protests that have included calls to kill Trump, kill police, rape Melania Trump and where numerous reporters have been attacked by pro-Hillary protesters.


CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller posted about Obama’s golf weekend.

“On this sunny and cool Saturday, 49°, Pres Obama has arrived at @JBA_NAFW for a round of golf.”


“Pres Obama back at WH after 5 hours at golf course. Leaves Monday evening on trip to Greece, Germany & Peru (APEC).”

And Sunday:

“Another sunny and cool day. Another round of golf. Pres Obama back at @JBA_NAFW this weekend for another session on the links.”

Last weekend Obama took a day off from campaigning for Hillary Clinton to play golf, even though Obama said the ‘fate of the world (was) teetering’ on the outcome of the election.

obama golfs foley

For eight years, Obama’s golf game has meant more to him than the fate of the world as when he went golfing in August 2014 just minutes after making a statement on the beheading of American James Foley by ISIS Islamist terrorists.

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