SICK. Corrupt Media Portrays Selves as Real Victims in Trump Secret Service Incident in Reno

The media is claiming to be the real victims in the incident at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada Saturday night where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was rushed off stage by Secret Service agents during a security scare.

“In the aftermath of the incident at the Trump rally in Reno, supporters were angrily berating reporters in the press pan.”

One reporter carrying a video camera left the media pen and tried to force his way through the crowd. The crowd refused to clear a path for him. Shoving ensued with someone grabbing at the camera. The reporter turned back.

“@brianstelter Video of camera man who left the press pen being harassed by Trump supporters caught by Right Side Broadcasting live feed.”

CNN’s Noah Gray identified himself as the reporter seen trying to force his way through the crowd.

“What happened when I tried to document why Trump was taken off stage by Secret Service agents”

“To recap more of what I saw, people in the crowd began to surge toward the back after Trump was rushed from the stage”

“As they did, people were asking us what happened but others took opp to come back and scream at the press and try to block cameras”

“Here’s my video of just after Trump was rushed from the stage in Reno (and right before they rushed press out)”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush blamed Trump for the incident, which turned out to be a man allegedly pulling a folded sign from his waistband, not a gun.

Thrush deleted the tweet, but then reiterated his accusations against Trump in a profane tweet.

“I have no problem repeating it: Thank God Trump is okay-maybe now we can lower the fucking temperature? This is an election, not a war.”

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