Rush Limbaugh Children’s Books Banned at Wisconsin School: They’re “Inappropriate” (Updated)

School officials in Marshall, Wisconsin told a six year-old boy he could not bring his Rush Limbaugh books to school.

The officials claim Rush’s books contained “inappropriate material.”


Rush Limbaugh has published several award-winning kid’s books on US history.

The school claims the history books are inappropriate.

Badger Pundit reported:

Wisconsin school officials who are bullying a 6-year-old boy. His offense? Bringing to school the latest book in the bestselling children’s book series on American history, “Adventures of Rush Revere,” written by Rush Limbaugh (with his wife Kathryn). The book, just published, is Rush Revere and the Presidency.

As Matt, the boy’s father, explained to Vicki during her November 18 afternoon (Madison) show, school officials in Marshall, Wisconsin, regard anything written by Rush Limbaugh as “inappropriate material” — even though the series has received rave reviews, and Rush won the 2013 “Author of the Year” award at the Children’s Choice Book Awards, for his first book in the series.

Here’s a five-minute clip from the Vicki McKenna Show on the book banning:

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UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh aired this show today and got this response from the Marshal Public Schools.

Please Note: After today’s radio program, we received the following denial from the Marshall, Wisconsin Public Schools…

For Immediate Release
November 23, 2016
Re: False Report

Good afternoon,

I am writing you this afternoon to address an issue that has come to our attention. We received information that a parent of a first grader in our district phoned the Vicki McKenna show. The parent reported that the principal at his child’s school, presumably Marshall Early Learning Center, told his child that the student could not bring Rush Revere books to school because the books were inappropriate.

Last Friday, the district received contact from a Marshall resident who reported the call to the Vicki McKenna show. The district investigated the parent’s claim and found no factual basis for the parent’s statement. Neither the principal nor any first grade teacher has addressed a student regarding the Rush Revere books. As a matter fact, students at other grade levels have brought the Rush Revere books to school and have read them at school. In my 15-year tenure in the district, we have not banned a book, and, when a parent has objected to reading material, we have implemented the appropriate board policy to analyze the concern (See Board Policy 871 and subsequent administrative rules).

The district has determined that the parent call to the Vicki McKenna show is a false report with regard to the Marshall Public Schools. To date, the parent who made this allegation has not contacted the student’s teacher, the principal, or any district official regarding his assertion. Finally, to date, we have not had contact from any other party as to the results of our investigation or facts as we have come to know them related to this matter.

Thank you for your concern regarding our schools and instructional program. I hope that you enjoy the holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


Barbara J. Sramek, Ph.D.
District Administrator
Marshall Public Schools

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