Roger Stone: Biggest Single Fear Is For Trump’s Safety, I Pray For The Trump Family Every Day (VIDEO)

Republican political consultant Roger Stone went on with Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss the election of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s demise.

Stone is very concerned about Donald Trump’s safety in Obama’s America.


Roger Stone: You know, Steve, I was on with Alex Jones at on election night and he asked me what was my single greatest fear and this is my single greatest fear. I pray for the president-elect and his family every day… It is my greatest single concern. Donald Trump is a man of courage and he knows he’s taking his life in his hands every time every time he goes out in public. But this rhetoric online, this rhetoric about assassination, that would never be tolerated if the rolls were reversed. It is outrageous. It is being fomented by George Soros, David Brock and the other losers who spent one billion against Donald Trump compared to $250 million by Donald Trump.

Please pray for our President-elect.

Via Newsmax TV:

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