RNC Spox BLOWS UP on Wolf Blitzer: “You’ve Asked Me Eight Times The Same Question!” (VIDEO)

Guest post by Tom Franklin at American Lookout:


RNC spokesman Sean Spicer went on CNN to talk to Wolf Blitzer about the Trump transition.

Blitzer instead decided to focus on tying Trump to a “Neo-Nazi” movement that no one on the right has ever heard of.


Spicer answered the question the first time nicely. And the second.

But Blitzer wouldn’t let it go.

Watch (via Trump Anomaly)

Spicer let Blitzer have it!

Mediaite reports:

Spicer exploded, “You’ve asked me eight times, the same question! I’ve told you what his position is. That’s not his focus! His focus is making this country better for all Americans, creating a better country, creating a better education system for all Americans, rebuilding our inner cities. That’s what his focus is. So I get that you guys all want to ask the same question over and over again and make him denounce it eight ways to Sunday, but it’s not what he wants to talk about!”

These far left hacks are disgusting.

For the record— I have been blogging daily since 2004 and have NEVER heard of this guy Spencer until the liberal media started talking about him last week.

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