Police Officer Collin Rose Was Surrounded by 150 Officers When He Died from Gunshot Wounds #BlueLivesMatter

Wayne State University police officer Collin Rose died last night after being shot in the head on Tuesday night.

Last night Officer Collin Rose Collin Rose was surrounded by friends, family, and more than 150 other police officers when he died at 5:30 Wednesday at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Here is the police escort taking his body to the WAYCO morgue.


Rose had recently proposed to his girlfriend.

Wayne State University released a statement on Wednesday night:

Dear campus community,

I am saddened to report that a short time ago, Wayne State University officer Collin Rose died from the gunshot wound he suffered while working in the line of duty yesterday evening.

This is a tragedy felt by all of us — Collin and his family and friends, his fiancée, and our campus and community.

Please keep Collin and his fiancée and family in your thoughts and prayers. Collin served Wayne State with distinction, and we owe those he left behind our deepest sympathies and our strong support.

Please keep all our police officers in your thoughts as well. Collin is the first and only Wayne State officer ever to fall in the line of duty. Our officers mourn with us, but these dedicated, professional men and women continue to serve us courageously, every day. We can honor Collin’s memory best with our ongoing gratitude and support for all of our officers.


M Roy Wilson signature

M. Roy Wilson

Please say a prayer for the Rose family.

And say a prayer for the brave men and women who protect us and keep us safe.

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