Photos: Black Workers Scarce at Clinton HQ as Official Tweets ‘America is Killing Black People’

The Hillary Clinton campaign posted photos of workers at the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters Monday night that shows hardly any Black workers. Four photos posted by Addisu Demissie, Clinton’s National Voter Outreach and Mobilization Director, shows dozens of mostly white workers.

Also Monday night, Jessica Morales Rocketto, Clinton’s Digital Organizing Director, posted that “America is killing Black people.”

Demissie’s tweet was meant as a jab at the Trump campaign over a photo that alleged to show an empty New Hampshire campaign office, but the photos posted of the Clinton campaign office show a stunning lack of diversity for a campaign that is desperately trying to motivate African-Americans to get out and vote for Clinton.

“Here’s what Clinton HQ looks like tonight btw:”

The four photos are published below.

This picture shows about thirty people with only one African-American, a male, readily visible in the foreground.


This photo of about forty workers shows two African-Americans readily visible. A woman in the back of the room and a hand belonging to a Black person in the foreground holding a flip phone.


In this photo, of the about thirty workers in the foreground, three African-Americans can be seen or partially seen.


This photo of about fourteen workers shows what appears to be the right arm of a Black female in the left foreground.


Out of about 114 identifiable workers seen in total in the four photos only seven African-American men and women could be discerned.

According to a 2015 Pew Research study eighty percent of African-Americans are registered Democrats.

2014 exit polling showed African-Americans comprised about twenty-three percent of the Democrat vote, which makes the paltry number of African-Americans seen working at Clinton’s headquarters on election eve even more glaring.

This tweet on election eve by Clinton campaign official Jessica Morales Rocketto states “America is killing Black people.”

“Whether it’s a bullet or toxic water, America is killing Black people. Use your ballot to fight back! #WeBuiltThis”

The post by Morales Rocketto was from a crowd-sourced message campaign with the stated purpose:

Politicians have waged assault on Black communities through economic violence, environmental racism, police brutality, erasure of voting rights, mass incarceration and other forms of state violence.

#WeBuiltThis was created to build communal power and hold problematic politicians accountable — now and beyond this election cycle. We are shifting the conversation about how we engage the electoral process, with an emphasis on building from the ground up. Add your voice to the discourse by signing on!”

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