OUTRAGEOUS! “60 Minutes” Host Demands TRUMP Apologize for HOAX ATTACKS by Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump went on “60 Minutes” tonight for his first interview with the liberal mainstream media since his historic victory on Tuesday.

If you thought the media was going to change their tactics after their corrupt election reporting this year you would be wrong.


Leslie Stahl demanded that Trump apologize for the fake attacks by Trump supporters on Muslims and Latinos.
None of this has been proven. It is all based on rumors.


We know today NOT ONE of this accusations has been confirmed. They are all rumors or hoaxes. One Muslim girl was forced to apologize for her fake hate crime against Trump supporters this week in Louisiana.

But the media doesn’t care about the truth – they only care about taking Trump down.

So Leslie Stahl demanded that Trump apologize for this fake attacks.
She ignored ALL of the attacks on Trump supporters since Tuesday.

Trump did not defend attacks on Muslims or Latinos.

Let’s be clear.
This same corrupt media is out to destroy Donald Trump.
They are liars and hacks.
Never forget that.

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