Mike Huckabee: Choosing Mitt Romney as Secretary of State Would Be “A Real Insult” to All Those Who Voted for Trump (VIDEO)

Former Governor Mike Huckabee went on FOX and Friends Wednesday morning.

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Huckabee thinks appointing Romney as Secretary of State would be “a real insult” to those who voted for Trump.

“It’s not about that I don’t care for Mitt personally but I’m still very unhappy that Mitt did everything he could to derail Donald Trump. He didn’t just go after him from a standpoint that I disagree with his policy on immigration or I disagree with his policy on taxes. He attacked him on a personal level on his character and integrity… And so it would be a real insult to all those Donald Trump voters who worked really hard. That’s what I believe he has to stop and consider.”



Trump supporters do not like the sound of this.

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