*Ugh* Megyn Kelly Compares Being Bullied as 7th Grader to Being Bullied by Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly went on with Shepard Smith today on FOX News Channel to promote her new book “Settle for More.”

Megyn Kelly compared being bullied as a 7th-grader to being bullied by Donald Trump.


Megyn Kelly: To this day that bullying, it affects my coverage as a news person. It affects my stories. It affects how I approach stories and what stories we decide to put in the show every night.

Shepard Smith: And then Donald Trump bullied you.

Megyn Kelly: Well, I had some familiarity. When it started happening with Trump I was like “this is familiar I’ve been through this before.” …I had already experienced a year of bullying.

Megyn still won’t own up to the role she played in hurling cheap shots at him during debate.


She continues to attack him regularly on her show.

Kelly’s book is getting slammed by reader reviews on Amazon.

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