Live On Scene Report: Trump Rally In Tampa, FL (Photos, Video)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opened a busy final weekend of his presidential campaign with a return stop in Tampa, Florida Saturday morning, speaking to thousands packed in to a large exhibit hall on the Florida Fairgrounds.

The Gateway Pundit’s Man in Florida Kristinn Taylor covered the rally and posted a series of photos to Twitter which are collected below.

Some moments were captured on a pro-camera which will posted later in a new article.


“View of @realDonaldTrump on video monitor at Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Supporters chant “USA! USA! as @realDonaldTrump makes entrance at Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Long walk through Florida Fairgrounds in Tampa for @realDonaldTrump rally @gatewaypundit”

“Supporters entering Florida Fairgrounds building in Tampa for @realDonaldTrump rally @gatewaypundit”

“Crowd arriving for @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Media riser for @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Media pen stage left @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Media pen stage right @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Daily Mail reporter David Martosko in Media pen @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Press critic holds banner in front of media pen @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Crowd filling in large hall for @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Young girl at @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Joe Piscopo speaks at @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Lou Holtz speaks at @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Patriotic Trump supporter at @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Women for Trump before @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally”

“Hispanics for Trump before @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“@realDonaldTrump acknowledges Blacks for Trump at Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“@realDonaldTrump protesters removed from Tampa FL rally brought children with them.”

“After @realDonaldTrump Tampa FL rally, supporters parade before media pen @gatewaypundit”

“@realDonaldTrump supporters menace press with Women for Trump signs after Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Scary scene as @realDonaldTrump supporters chant “Trump! Trump!” after Tampa FL rally /sarcasm @gatewaypundit”

“Fox Business reporter has civil talk with @realDonaldTrump supporters after Tampa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

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