Lifeway Foods, Inc Stock Drops 25% After Lib CEO Trashes TRUMP, Accuses Him of Rape


Julie Smolyansky is the CEO of Illinois-based dairy company Lifeway Foods.

Smolyansky supported Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday Smolyansky smeared Donald Trump and accused him of rape:


Julie Smolyansky, President and CEO of Morton Grove-based Lifeway Kefir, had a strong message for shareholders after someone expressed displeasure at Smolyansky’s support of Hillary Clinton.

“Hey stockholders, if you are a rape apologist, sexist, racist, demagogue, bigot, feel free to no longer own shares,” she tweeted Thursday night.

Here is the Lifeway Foods, Inc stock on Friday– it tanked–


The Lifeway Foods, Inc. stock was down 25% by the end of the day.
Nice job, Julie – you lying idiot!


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