Kellyanne Conway: I’ve Been Offered a “Big Position” in Trump Administration (VIDEO)

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway went on with Sean Hannity on Tuesday to discuss the progress of the Transition Team.


Conway told Sean that she has been offered a “big position” in the Trump administration.

Kellyanne also discussed Mitt Romney’s possible role in the administration.

I just want to say generally apart from Governor Romney that there were a lot of #NeverTrumpers who were Never Trump up until the last moment. Go read their Twitter feeds. Go pull the tape of what they were saying on TV cameras and in print in different places. They didn’t think he would win and they wanted to pile on. Instead of helping the nominee of their party they piled on. And in terms of a diverse cabinet. I’m all for diversity but I think maybe one #NeverTrumper is enough.

The Trump team have not forgotten about the traitors in the GOP ranks.

Via Hannity:

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