Julian Assange: Global Elites, Banks, Arms Companies and Media Will Not Allow Trump to Win (VIDEO)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told John Pilger on Russia Today the global elites will not allow Donald Trump to win.


Banks, arms companies, the liberal media and foreign money will not allow Trump to win.
Via American Thinker:

The two most glaring points raised by Assange are as follows:

1.) Trump will “not be permitted to win.”
In answer to the question, “Is Wikileaks trying to put Trump in the White House?” Assange insists that Trump will not be permitted to win.  “Banks, intelligence, arms companies, big foreign money, etc. is all united behind Hillary Clinton….and the media as well…the owners and the journalists themselves.”

2.) The Clinton Foundation has received significant contributions from some of the same countries that are funding ISIS.  Hillary Clinton was aware of the Saudi funding of ISIS and also accepted money for her foundation from the Saudis.

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