Journalism 2016: Daily Beast Reporter Rips Trump for Twitter Typo

This is journalism in 2016: Olivia Nuzzi, a reporter with the Daily Beast, attacked President-Elect Donald Trump for a spelling mistake in a tweet he posted Sunday afternoon.

Olivia Nuzzi, image Twitter avatar.

Nuzzi copied a deleted tweet with the spelling mistake and accused Trump of not being able to spell.

“The president-elect had to delete a tweet because he can’t spell the word speeches.”

This is the corrected tweet posted by Trump.

“The debates, especially the second and third, plus speeches and intensity of the large rallies, plus OUR GREAT SUPPORTERS, gave us the win!”

Nuzzi was prompted to attack Trump by an intern at the Daily Beast, Andrew Desiderio:

“speaches …”

To see how a professional reporter handled Trump’s misspelling, check out the Daily Mail’s David Martosko who noted the typo with good-natured ribbing.

“The president-elect is back on Twitter, and needs a communications aide with spell-check. Cc: @DanScavino (Or is he reading Shakespeare?) …”

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