HOLLYWOOD POSTERS Call on Revolutionaries to #Disobey Elites – VOTE @RealDonaldTrump #SpiritCooking

The Art Wing Conspiracy underground hit the Hollywood streets with a new poster campaign.


The lastest posters call on the masses to rise up and “disobey” the globalists and elites and VOTE TRUMP!

Hollywood posters urge real revolutionaries to #DISOBEY the establishment and vote for DONALD TRUMP!


Before Shepard Fairey created the iconic Obama Hope poster from 2008, he was known for OBEY/GIANT. OBEY/GIANT is interpreted as being anti-authority, but by aligning himself with Obama and the regressive Left, Shepard became a part of the oppressive authoritarians. Eight hopeless years later, anti-progressive and pro-Trump street artists The Art Wing Conspiracy have turned Shepard’s iconic OBEY/GIANT image into a new image of actual hope. The posters feature an image of Trump over the word “DISOBEY”. “Shepard Fairey, Obama, and Hillary want you to fall in line with their leftist dogma and OBEY,” say the artists. “Trump refuses. Trump refuses to obey even his own party. The Republican party is a bunch of professional losers doing what they do best. Had Trump obeyed their wishes, he’d be a loser too. Trump has shown us how to get our balls back and reminded us how to win. It starts with DISOBEYING.”

The posters and stickers appeared this morning around Los Feliz, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Two were hung like giant elephant ears on the Ace Gallery’s chrome bust of Lenin (“Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head” by the Chinese artist brothers Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang), and another was hung directly in front of Studio Number One, Fairey’s studio on Sunset Blvd.

Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Democrats want you to fall in line with their leftist dogma and OBEY.

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