Hillary Supporters Hang Trump in Effigy Outside Trump Tower

Hillary Clinton supporters protested outside President-Elect Donald Trump’s New York City home, Trump Tower, Wednesday night in which an effigy of Trump was hung by a noose and swung over the cheering crowds in front of a lit sign that read, “Love Trumps Hate.”

There was no media outrage, no screaming headlines or even feature stories decrying the lynch mob mentality of the Hillary supporters. Only a handful of photos and video of the lynching of the Trump effigy were posted online.

“How can u hold a sign that says #lovetrumpshate while burning the US flag and displaying #trump hanging from a noose?!? #doublestandard”

“A stuffed Donald Trump figure on a noose is being passed around.”

“Protesters wave “Love trumps hate” sign beside an effigy of the president elect outside Trump tower #cunyjreports”

It wouldn’t be a liberal protest if the American flag wasn’t burned.

“Flag burning on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower right now.”

The Daily Beast did report, but buried down to the twentieth paragraph, the lynch mob mentality of the protest. (Language warning.)

Hustling to keep up with the crush of people ahead, a 23-year-old woman in a long flannel shirt and winter hat pulled over her ears struck up a conversation with me, introducing herself only as “Kitty.”

“Trump and Pence should definitely be assassinated,” Kitty offered, as if relaying what she’d eaten for lunch that day. If no one took them out, she anticipated a “huge fucking Holocaust.”

Around 8:00 PM, Kitty pushed her way through throngs of people as foot traffic halted a block south of Trump Tower, where a chorus of “fuck your wall” chants echoed through the crowd, some of them aimed at a line of police officers cordoning off the streets from the sidewalk, effectively forming a barrier to Trump’s gilded headquarters. Out front, protesters waved a large rainbow flag and taunted the president-elect with a blow up doll of his likeness dangling from a noose on a wooden poll.

Andrew Heyning, a 19-year-old student at New York University, said he felt “morally defeated that half of the country would elect someone who is such an awful candidate and human being. But tonight, this gives me hope!”
He gestured to the scene around us—the hanging blow up doll and gleeful protesters who had pulled the city into their orbit, with many climbing construction sites and street signs to get a better view—before breaking into a “Fuck Donald Trump” chant. He and dozens of others thrust their middle fingers in the air towards several tower residents, who looked down on the braying mob from their balconies.”

Hillary mob that proclaims ‘Love Trumps Hate’ was all about hate Wednesday night.

“Anti-Trump rally chant “New York hates you” outside Trump Tower the day after he was elected.”

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