Harvard Prof: “Riot in the Streets” to Block “Sociopath” Trump (Video)

Liberal constitutional law prof Sanford Levinson (currently teaching at Harvard), in a recent Wall Street Journal interview, stated that “some” describe Trump as a “sociopath,” and he opined that if Trump’s elected, it might be necessary to stage a military coup to take him out.


Fortunately, an American military coup such as that discussed by Levinson would almost surely fail, as law professor Glenn Reynolds has explained in a USA Today essay, and in a longer scholarly article.

Levinson was even more candid in a talk at Harvard on October 21, in which said he said he personally thinks Trump is a “sociopath,” and that it would not be legitimate for the “rigged” Electoral College to elect Trump with only 43% of the vote — and that riots in the streets might be warranted to block Trump from taking office.

Don’t believe a Harvard law prof is this radical?

Badger Pundit has excerpted his remarks in this 7-minute video, embedded below. It supplies a stark window into the radical liberal “elite” mindset.

Extended, 15-minute version here; raw video published by Harvard here.

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