Paul Ryan Must Step Down as Speaker of the House

Guest post by Joe Hoft

ryan disses trump

Rep. Paul Ryan must step down as Speaker of the House.

America rejected his big government, open borders globalism.

Paul Ryan rejected Trump all year long.
And now the majority are calling on Wisconsin lawmaker to step down.

Americans deserve a Republican Speaker who will support President Trump.
A bridge, not a wall.

Sean Hannity spoke tonight on FOX after Donald Trump won the election for President of the United States.  He noted that he spoke with Trump three times throughout the night after he said the following:

And on every objective measure, you know thank God the American people this is about one thing. They see that Washington is broken and by the way Republicans are just as guilty.  Paul Ryan is not going to be the Speaker off the House in January. I was going to save that for my program tomorrow.  He’s not going to be the Speaker.  His state went for Donald Trump tonight. 

I mean it’s an amazing turn of events because the establishment on both sides Republican and Democrat have lost touch with the real lives of real Americans that are really suffering and Donald Trump has now opened the door and said we’re going to fix it and we’re going to turn that table over and you know what, I wish him all the best cause it’s not going to be easy because it’s all the same people that opposed him in the lead up to tonight are going to be opposing him tomorrow.


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