Hamas Leader: “Trump Loves the Jews, I Do Not Rule Out Possibility He Is a Jew” (VIDEO)

trump israel parade
Donald Trump leads the Salute to Israel Parade in New York City

Hamas freakout—-
Hamas terror leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar told reporters earlier this month Donald Trump loves the Jews and quite possibly is a Jew himself.

The clip was posted on MEMRI TV, via Jihad Watch:


Transcript via MEMRI:

In a recent TV interview, Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that he “did not rule out the possibility” that Trump was a Jew, because he “loves the Jews” and “loves the Jewish religion.” “The most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money,” said Al-Zahhar in the interview, which was broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network on November 9. “The Jewish religion – the Jewish dollar – is the real decisive factor” in American politics,” he said.

Al-Zahhar: “To tell you the truth, [Trump] has presented several policies that point to true ignorance with regard to American history. When he makes statements against the Mexican settlers, or against the Arab immigrants, who are fleeing the inferno in the countries you mentioned, or against the Africans – well, the U.S. is a country of settlers to begin with. He should ask his father where he came from. The president before [Trump] was an African settler.
[…] “Trump loves the Jews, and not only because he likes the Jewish religion. I do not rule out the possibility that he is a Jew. He loves the Jewish religion, and the most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money.

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is Jewish and his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism.

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