Hah-Hah! Podesta Email on Pervert Weiner: “Time to Get on the Hazmat Suits”

weiner chest

Back in June 2011, John Podesta and Neera Tanden, President of Center for American Progress, a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization, knew Anthony Weiner was a sex pervert after he was first caught sending naked pics to young women and teens.

They warned eachother to “put on the hazmat suits.”
Via Wikileaks:

This email was sent after the first time Weiner was caught sexting young women and teens.


May 27, 2011: A lewd photo appears briefly on Weiner’s Twitter account. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart is first to report the image, which shows the bulging crotch of a man in his underwear.
May 30, 2011: The congressman tells reporters a hacker got control of his Twitter account. “Look, this is a prank and not a terribly creative one,” Weiner says.

Weiner: “I was hacked. It happens to people. You move on.”

June 1, 2011: Weiner tells CNN he did not post the picture and has hired a law firm to investigate. He continues to evade the question about whether the photo is of him.

June 6, 2011: In an abrupt about-face, a tearful Weiner apologizes for having lied about his Twitter account being hacked and admits to having engaged in inappropriate online relationships with several women he met on the Internet, generally on Facebook. He tells reporters he will not resign and does not plan to separate from his wife. “To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it,” Weiner says.

Little did they know that Weiner and Huma’s computer would bring down their corrupt empire.
They’re not laughing today.

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