Hah-Hah… One Month Ago This Week -WaPo Said Hillary Already Won, Will Expand Map …Hah-Hah!

The Liberal Media — Including The Washington Post tried desperately and dishonestly to drag sick Hillary Clinton over the finish line.

One month ago this week the The Washington Post declared the election over.
Hillary Clinton wins.

Hillary only has to do is decide if she wants to take a few more red states or not.
That’s what The Washington Post reported on October 16.


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces a striking choice in the final three weeks of the campaign: to expand her efforts to states that Democrats haven’t won in a generation, or to stay a current course that, if conditions hold, would deliver her a resounding electoral college victory.

According to the Washington Post Hillary must decide if she wants to expand her win.

Clinton aides said they see advantages to running up the score in the electoral college, where 270 votes wins the White House.

That didn’t play out so well.
Hillary got shellacked.

It was a historic loss.

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