FOX Host Fired for Pro-Trump, Anti-Obama Posts on Her Private Facebook Page

A FOX reporter at their Houston affiliate was fired last week after posting a pro-Trump statement on Facebook following his election victory over Hillary Clinton.

Scarlett Fakhar was excited after Donald Trump’s win and what it means for America after eight long years of the failed Obama regime.

She was later let go.


World Net Daily reported:

A firefight of words has erupted in Houston after a Fox affiliate fired a TV reporter for expressing her support for President-elect Donald Trump on her personal social media.

Her critics are blasting her, and the Houston Chronicle suggested there was some element of racism. But Scarlett Fakhar, 25, KRIV-TV in Houston also has her supporters.

“I for one will not be watching Fox 26 any longer,” wrote Steve Woodruff on her Facebook page. “Their bias is more than obvious. You have our full support & here’s hoping for bigger things for you in the future. #istandwithscarlettfakhar.”

The controversy developed shortly after Trump’s election victory over twice-failed Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Fakhar had announced on her personal Facebook page that she was ‘happy and relieved’ that Trump had won.


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