Florida High School Student Faces Suspension for Wearing “Hillary for Prison” T-Shirt (VIDEO)

A Boca Raton High School student was tossed out of class and threatened with suspension for wearing a “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt.


Mazine Yeakle faces suspension for wearing the T-shirt at school.
Hillary Clinton is under criminal investigation by the FBI.

WPTV reported:

A Boca Raton High School student was tossed out of class and threatened with suspension for wearing a shirt that says “Hillary for Prison 2016” to school.

Maxine Yeakle said she was told she did not get in trouble for wearing the shirt. Instead, she was asked to change her shirt because of the disruption it caused in class.

“I am wearing a ‘Hillary for Prison’ t-shirt at my public school today, and in my class today some people had a problem with it,” said Yeakle in a Facebook video she posted shortly after she was sent to the assistant principal’s office on Tuesday.

She says she was told to change her shirt or go to in school suspension for the rest of the day because her shirt caused a classroom disruption.

“There was a group of girls in there who started talking really loudly and kind of obnoxiously about how awful Trump supporters are and how they are all racist and saying some really ignorant things,” said Yeakle.

In Boca Raton High School’s handbook, there’s no dress code rule that says political shirts are prohibited, but it does say that any clothes deemed potentially disruptive is not allowed.

hillary ready for prison
Marinka Peschmann

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