Eight NBA Teams Won’t Stay at Trump 4-Star Hotels This Year

cuban hillary jack off
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was vocal Hillary Clinton supporter and frequent Trump critic this year.

At least eight NBA teams announced they won’t stay at Donald Trump branded hotels this season.
HeatStreet reported:

Up to eight NBA teams say they won’t stay at Donald Trump’s branded hotels, according to ESPN, partly to avoid associating themselves with the President-elect and his brand.

The Dallas Mavericks, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Memphis Grizzlies have stated publicly that they will select other five-star hotels to host their teams on road trips this year — and at least four other teams are reportedly considering dropping their hospitality contracts.

One unnamed Eastern conference team says it will drop its contact with Trump’s SoHo hotel in New York — which Trump doesn’t own, but still carries his name — when the contact ends in 2017. That team cited the “Trump association” as their reason for switching lodging providers.

According to the Mavericks and the Grizzlies, the decision to drop Trump hotels was made during Trump’s Presidential run, and not as a consequence of his election. Over the summer, they made changes to their hotel agreements to avoid both the Chicago Trump Tower and the SoHo property.

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