Early Voters Kick Off #MAGAselfie Trend On Social Media

Guest post by Jay Stone:


The media likes to pretend Trump supporters do not exist or are hateful people. On social media, it’s a different story.

In the latest show of force, Trump supporters are proudly showing off pictures of their voting ballots and smiling selfies, under the hashtag #MAGAselfie.


#MAGAselfie was conceived by author Mike Cernovich in partnership with a group of volunteers helping get out the vote for Trump, called MAGA3X.

“Social proof is powerful in getting out the vote,” said Cernovich, who was recently featured in The New Yorker and The New York Observer for his meme mastery. “We want to flood the Internet with people posting pictures of themselves voting for Trump, especially tomorrow on Election Day.”

“As these photos show, Trump has dominated social media, and his supporters are the faces of America,” he added.

Here are a few examples.


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