In Dueling NC Rallies, Trump Draws Four Times as Many Supporters as at Clinton, Sanders, Pharrell Rally

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton held dueling rallies in the Raleigh, North Carolina area Thursday night. Even with vanquished rival Bernie Sanders and pop star Pharrell Williams headlining alongside Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee could only draw a quarter of the attendees who turned out for Republican Party nominee Trump.

“Rally for @realDonaldTrump in Selma, NC. #campaign2016 #northcarolina #trump”

Washington Post reporter Abby Philips D. Philip quoted the fire marshal at Clinton’ Raleigh rally putting attendance at 4,100.

“4100 in Raleigh tonight, per the fire marshal. Very young crowd and more than a few Bernie t-shirts spotted.”

“Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Pharrell Williams are about to rally here in Raleigh”

In contrast, Daily Mail reporter David Martosko reported the fire marshal at the Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina put the crowd at 15,000. Selma is a short distance from Raleigh. The Trump campaign later informed Martosko that the sheriff put the crowd at 17,500.

“Fire marshal in Selma, N.C. confirmed the Trump campaign’s estimate of 15,000+ people in a field to hear the Republican nominee tonight.”

“Trump campaign says Sheriff Steve Bizzell has determined tonight’s Selma, N.C. crowd count is 17,500”

Martosko shot video of the enormous Trump crowd as seen from the media riser.

“This was a gigantic outdoor Trump crowd in Selma, N.C. Has to be 10,000 or more. If the official count is 15,000 I won’t be surprised.”

The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson was at the Trump rally.

“A truly massive crowd in Selma, NC, for Donald Trump’s rally tonight:”

Trump and Clinton landed within minutes of each other at the Raleigh airport Thursday.

“Nose to nose, the @realDonaldTrump plane lands behind the @HillaryClinton in Raleigh NC.”

Clinton traveled to Raleigh with pop star Pharrell.

“Hillary Clinton and Pharrell (strong PJ game) on the tarmac in Raleigh”

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