Democrats Sending Out Biden Bumper Sticker: ‘I Didn’t Vote for Trump’

Democrats are sending out anti-Trump bumper stickers already.

Trump’s inauguration is still two months away.

The Examiner reported:


The Democratic Party, soliciting for donations to celebrate Vice President Biden’s 75th birthday, is giving a “free” bumper sticker that declares “I DIDN’T VOTE FOR TRUMP” as a reward.

“Help us make Joe’s last White House birthday extra sweet,” reads the Democratic email solicitation.

A link connects to a site to sign a birthday card for Biden. Click “I’m In,” to file the card and party sends supporters to another page the reads:

“THANKS — NOW GET YOUR FREE STICKER. We’re counting on our best supporters like you to help us stand up to Trump and the GOP. Chip in to help Democrats fight back, and we’ll send you a free ‘I Didn’t Vote for Trump’ sticker.”

Got grope?
Via Free Republic:

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