THE CONSERVATIVE PURGE BEGINS=> Apple Removes Breitbart From App Store …Update: Apple Reinstates Breitbart After This Report

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Apple reinstated the Breitbart app after this report was published Tuesday.

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Let the purge begin.
Democrats are furious that Americans rejected their criminal, unethical, boring and fainting far left candidate.

And they are OUTRAGED that they do not control the flow of information anymore thanks to the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and talk radio.

So rather than win on ideas they have decided to purge the conservative websites from the marketplace of ideas.

The Apple store removed from their App store recently.
If you do a search on “Breitbart” or “BreitbartNews” this is what you get.

They’ve removed it.
Breitbart had 45 million monthly readers last month.
They’re too much of a threat.

It’s clear who the modern day fascists are.

The Breitbart app gone…

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