Boom! DONALD TRUMP: I Won the Popular Vote If You Subtract the Illegal Voters

Donald Trump won the Electoral College in a landslide this year.
— Trump won 306 electoral votes
— Hillary Clinton won 232 electoral votes

Trump won 30 states and 1 electoral vote in Maine.
Hillary won 20 states and the District of Columbia.

But Democrats keep repeating that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.


Today Trump challenged that thought.

Trump tweeted this out this afternoon.

Donald Trump then added this:

Trump is correct. As we reported earlier:

Results to date from the 2016 Presidential election show an even larger Trump landslide over Hillary Clinton than originally reported

Current data shows Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Electoral College votes, states won and even the popular vote when considering the vast amount of voter fraud.


It has been widely reported that there were more than 3 million votes cast by illegal aliens and most, if not all these votes, were cast for Hillary Clinton.  When accounting for these votes, Trump beat Clinton by more than 1 million in the popular vote.

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