AWESOME! Donald Trump Launching ‘THANK YOU TOUR’ in Ohio On Thursday


Donald Trump isn’t finished celebrating his spectacular win yet. Apparently, he wants to thank supporters too, so he’s going to be holding some rallies on a “Thank You” tour.

NBC News in Washington reported:

Trump to Kick Off ‘Thank You Tour’ in Ohio on Thursday: Source

President-elect Donald Trump is set to embark on a tour to thank supporters who carried him to the White House.

A source in the Trump camp confirmed to NBC News Tuesday that Trump’s “Thank You Tour” is set to begin on Thursday with a rally in Cincinnati.

During the campaign, Trump’s rallies often drew thousands of people and were often broadcast live. Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida, states won by President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

George Gigicos, Trump’s director of advance, told reporters on Nov. 17 that Trump’s may visit “swing states we flipped over” after the election, Bloomberg reported.

Dan Scavino Jr. confirmed on Twitter:

How much do you want to bet he draws even bigger crowds at these rallies than he did before the election?


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