Arsonist Sets Trump Sign on Fire, Nearly Burn Down the Entire Neighborhood

Arsonists set a Trump sign on fire in Denver.
The fire spread and burned the home owners fence and yard.


The criminal almost burned down the entire neighborhood.

CBS Local reported:


The Denver Fire Department says they do not have a suspect in the arson fire of a Trump campaign sign.

The fire was set to a large sign on the back of Denver resident John Case’s Hentzel Park home. Flames quickly spread to brush behind the property. An officer noticed the fire while on another call and rushed to douse the flames with a hose. Fire crews arrived a few minutes later and extinguished the fire.

“We felt like it was a message to us because whoever did had to know we were home,” Case said.

The 2016 campaign has been an ugly affair even at the most local levels. Campaign field offices have become frequent targets for hate. In Ohio a Trump supporter was arrested after dumping a truckload of manure outside Democratic headquarters in Warren County. No arrests were ever made after a Republican field office in Orange County, North Carolina.

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