Armed Citizens Patrol US Border with Mexico – Await Great Trump Wall

Armed US citizens with the Arizona Border Recon stages reconnaissance and surveillance operations against drug and human smuggling operations on the US border with Mexico.

The group is made up of mostly former US military servicemen and women.

The group is protecting America from illegal invaders and drug cartels.

In memory of: Josh Wilkerson, Jamiel Shaw Jr, Brandon Mendoza and Kate Steinle. All whose lives were taken by Illegal Aliens some of whom had prior and/or lengthy criminal records. (Arizona Border Recon)

Arizona Border Recon documents and locates the smuggling activities and players within our borders.

NBC News reported:

Donald Trump’s promises to build a wall “and make Mexico pay for it” were rallying cries throughout his march to the White House. Trump has since said that he would accept building a fence instead of a wall “in certain areas,” but border security issues are likely to be a top priority for the incoming administration.

Photographer John Moore traveled with a group of civilian paramilitaries in Arizona who’ve made it their business to patrol along the border with Mexico.

The armed group, made up mostly of former U.S. military servicemen and women, stages reconnaissance and surveillance operations against drug and human smuggling operations in remote border areas.

The group, which claims up to 200 volunteers, does not consider itself a militia, but rather a group of citizens supplementing U.S. Border Patrol efforts to control illegal border activity.

Operation “Stolen Lives #1” In memory of Grant Ronnenbeck has come to a successful close. Thank you to all 26 AZBR personnel who participated in shutting down 15 miles of the border according to Border Patrol’s estimate. (Arizona Border Recon)

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