Arizona GOP: Leftist Vandals Have Stolen or Defaced Thousands of Trump and Arpaio Signs

The Arizona Republican Party says leftist vandals are stealing or defacing THOUSANDS of Trump and Joe Arpaio signs each day.
trump arpaio

AZ Central reporting:

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham said Thursday that thousands of candidates’ campaign signs, particularly those for Donald Trump and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are either disappearing or being defaced each day.

Graham also said someone cut the wires providing phone and internet service to the party’s Tucson office.

Graham described a “full-on assault” on signs for Trump and Arpaio, who appears to face his closest re-election campaign in decades.

“What about the First Amendment? Let people put their signs up, let the chips fall where they fall … but don’t do this nonsense stuff,” Graham said.

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