Al Qaeda Joins With Liberal Mainstream Media – Trashes Steve Bannon


Al-Qaeda joined with the liberal mainstream media in attacking Steve Bannon as Trump’s chief strategist.

Al-Qaeda used criticism from #NeverTrumpers Evan McMullin and John Kasich’s top advisor in their anti-Trump piece.
Foreign Desk News reported:

Turns out, the liberal media has a new partner in criticizing Donald Trump’s appointment of Chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon—Al Qaeda.

Al Masra, a Yemen-based Al Qaeda weekly newspaper, devoted an entire article to Trump’s appointment of Bannon, warning that he will bring “white race supremacy” to the highest levels of the White House.

“Stephen Bannon is considered a far-right person, and he is the executive chairman of the controversial far-right Breitbart website,” the paper stated.

“He has already published racist titles against women, Jews, and Muslims. Bannon has changed Breitbart website into far-right forum for Neo-Nazis groups who believes in the white race supremacy and anti-Semitism,” they continued.

The piece also suggested that Reince Priebus’ appointment as chief-of-staff was a ‘conciliatory move’ aimed at appeasing Bannon’s critics.

Al Qaeda noted criticism from Democratic senators and organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as media comments from Republican Gov. John Kasich’s adviser John Weaver and independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who have voiced disapproval at Bannon’s appointment.

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