40 Year-Old Houston Woman Charged for Punching Horse During Anti-Trump Protest

A 40 year-old woman was charged in Houston after punching a horse during an anti-Trump protest.

Shere Dore was arrested on Monday after punching the horse last week.
WFMY reported:

A woman accused of punching a police horse during an anti-Trump protest in Houston last week went before a judge Monday morning.

Shere Dore, 40, is charged with interference of a police animal. A mounted patrol officer on a horse named Astro was trying to push Dore and other protesters from the street to the sidewalk. Prosecutor Gavin Ellis said Dore then punched Astro in the shoulder with a closed fist.

Dore was arrested Monday after the judge raised her bond to $5,000.

Another protester, 22-year-old Emily Garcia-Briones, appeared in the same courtroom. She is accused of picking up an HPD body camera that fell to the ground and hiding it under her purse.

So get this…
Her friends say Shere Dore is an advocate for wayward pets.
They raised over $2,000 for her after she was scratched by a cat.


What is it with these leftists and horse abuse?

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