WOW! Lib Journalist Budowsky Called Out on Live TV Over His Podesta Emails

Liberal propagandist for the Hillary Clinton campaign “journalist” Brent Budowsky was called out today over his emails to John Podesta.


Wikileaks released several emails from Budowsky to Hillary’s top advisor John Podesta.
In one email Budowsky admits he “has been out there publicly and unequivocally supporting Hillary Clinton.”

In another email Budowski admitted he was stringing Bernie voters along so that he will have cred with them when the time comes to bring them aboard for Hillary.

I am doing the opposite, repeatedly writing friendly and positive pieces about Bernie as an HRC supporter, and when the time is right I will have money in the bank with him and his people as a liberal to urge them to come out in force to vote for HRC…..which is not a given, and we won’t have much margin for error in a close election…..Brent

Brent Budowski writes for The Hill, the LA Progressive, and The Huffington Post.

On Tuesday Steve Malzberg confronted Budowsky on his scandalous Podesta emails.
This was great!

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