WOW! After FBI’s Hillary Announcement, Searches For “CHANGE EARLY VOTE” SKYROCKET

Guest post by Tom Franklin at American Lookout:

On Friday afternoon, the FBI alerted Congress that they were re-opening their investigation into Hillary’s emails.

As soon as that hit the news, the Google searches for a certain phrase went through the roof.


The phrase was: “Change Early Vote”!!

Here’s the chart for the three days before, then the spike on the Friday announcement:

And it’s far above where it was in 2012:

Here are the Google searches associated with searches for “Change Early Vote”:

If so many people want to change their vote, they’re not changing to Hillary. They’re changing to Trump!

Could this mean a landslide?

Here are the states where you can change your early vote (via Redstatewatcher):

Forward this to friends in those states who want to change their vote.

Hat Tip Julian Wan

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