WOW! Clinton Cancels Campaign Events with Sanders – After Audio of her Trashing Bernie Supporters Leaked to Press

On Friday was leaked online that captured Hillary Clinton mocking Bernie supporters at a fundraiser in February.
Hillary made the comments during a private fundraiser in Virginia.

Of course, the liberal media tried to downplay the severity of the scandal to protect Hillary Clinton.

Now this…
The Clinton campaign cancelled campaign rallies with Bernie Sanders on Monday.
The Hill reported:


Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced Sunday night that it had canceled tentatively planned events with Sen. Bernie Sanders for Monday.

Instead, her primary rival will now be on the campaign trail Wednesday in Iowa and Wisconsin instead…

…Though unclear if it’s related, the schedule change comes a few days after audio from a February fundraiser leaked that made public Clinton’s take on fans of her then-rival Sanders, who she suggested were overly idealistic.

As Mike Cernovich said, the audio leak was much more damaging to Hillary Clinton than the hoaxing media would like to admit.

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