Wikileaks: Tyrant Hillary Kept Conservative Talk Radio Host on UK Hate Speech List

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America

You can kiss your First Amendment rights away under a Hillary Clinton administration.

Wikileaks revealed today the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept conservative radio host Michael Savage on the UK hate speech list.

Hillary Clinton will do the same thing here once she stacks the Supreme Court.

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton determined not to lift a finger to persuade the United Kingdom to lift its ban on travel by talk-show kingpin and bestselling author Michael Savage in an email to her chief legal counsel Cheryl Mills posted by Wikileaks.

In addition, in a followup email, Mills explains the kind of ban imposed by the U.K. on Savage could happen in the United States under current law.

The June 5, 2009, email with a subject line of “Savage holding pattern and next steps,” is from Clinton herself from her private email account – [email protected] – to Mills at her official State Department email address – [email protected]

From the context of two emails on the subject of Savage’s ban from the U.K., it appears Joan Donoghue, then deputy legal adviser at the State Department, looked into controversy and reported on it to Mills, Jacob Sullivan, then deputy chief of staff for Clinton and now a foreign policy adviser to her campaign, among others.

Donoghue’s brief report said: “The demarche was delivered Friday in London, to FCO and Home Office officials. The Embassy passed your letter to them, drawing their attention in particular to Mr. Savage’s statement that he had never advocated violence and that his statements had never instigated violence. The British officials said that, given Mr. Savage’s legal action in the UK, Treasury solicitors would contact his legal representatives directly to provide details of the comments that had given rise to the decision to exclude him.”

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