Wikileaks Fallout=> Catholic Priest Goes Off on “Complete Bigotry” of Hillary Camp (VIDEO)

hillary angry mail

Wikileaks released its third set of John Podesta emails on Tuesday.

Wikileaks has released over 6,000 of Podesta’s emails in the last week.
Podesta is a top Clinton advisor and confidant.

The documents reveal the Clinton team’s hatred for everyday Americans.



In one document Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri trashes US Catholics.

I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.


On Wednesday Fr. Jonathan Morris went on America’s Newsroom to discuss the recent Wikileaks documents of Clinton officials trashing Catholics.
Fr. Morris went off on the Hillary campaign.

Father Jonathan Morris: What they’re saying in these emails is complete bigotry. We’ve gone way beyond that in our country. We’ve elected a Catholic president John F. Kennedy. Our current vice president is Catholic. We need to respect the fact that some people believe differently than us and religion is not for the stupid.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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