WHOA! Rush Limbaugh UNLOADS on Turncoat Republicans Who Are Trashing Trump (AUDIO)

Here again is the list of turncoat Republicans who are working for the Clinton Campaign—

On Wednesday Rush Limbaugh UNLOADED on the these turncoat Republicans who are propping up Hillary Clinton for president!

Via the Rush Limbaugh website:

RUSH: Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, move on. If congressional endorsements meant anything, Jeb Bush would be the nominee. Move on. It doesn’t matter. The people that are running away from you are the people that want to sign up for amnesty and join the Democrats anyway. Move on. These people couldn’t get the people they wanted for the nomination. Just swat them away, Mr. Trump…
…I have to tell you something. I want to repeat this question to all of you Republicans. I know I just told Trump to forget ’em. But I need to repeat a question, modify it a little bit. We have a number of congressional Republicans and Senate Republicans — well, hell, Republicans of every stripe, elected, nonelected, who are publicly and happily, apparently, distancing themselves from Trump and saying Trump is simply unacceptable.

By virtue of this, they are guaranteeing Hillary Clinton gets elected. Well, they’re not guaranteeing that, but they are certainly telegraphing that they’re perfectly fine with Hillary Clinton being elected. They’re perfectly fine with it. They are doing everything but joining the Democrat Party. At the same time, they’re telling them to vote for them to stop Hillary Clinton. They’re saying, “We cannot lose our House majority, and we cannot lose our Senate majority,” while they abandon their nominee, while they abandon Trump.

So they abandon Trump for some semblance of virtue they want us to believe, and then, as they campaign for reelection and as their PR people, consultants campaign for them, they tell us that we must vote for them after they abandon the nominee, we must vote for them to stop Hillary.

Why is it important? It must not be important to stop Hillary; you’re doing the very thing that’s practically guaranteeing her winning. Why is it important to elect you to stop Hillary if it’s not important to you to stop Hillary from even getting there? We don’t want to stop Hillary in the White House. We would like to prevent her from getting there.

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