Video=> Hillary Clinton Ignores Shouted Questions About New Email Investigation

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ignored shouted questions by her traveling press pool on the tarmac in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, about the FBI announcing Friday it was re-opening its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server after previously undisclosed Clinton emails were discovered. Clinton gave the press a smile and a wave as she walked down the stairs from her campaign plane Hill Force One and entered her waiting Secret Service vehicle without saying anything. The press was kept waiting on the tarmac as Clinton reportedly met with advisers on the plane for thirty minutes.

UPDATE: The AP reported Clinton spent part of her time on the plane posing for photographs:

“Clinton spent about 25 minutes on the plane after it landed before she emerged. Following Clinton off the plane was famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. She was shooting photos of the candidate for at least part of the time reporters were waiting for the candidate.”

“Clinton stepping off her campaign plane in Iowa after huddling with advisers over FBI’s decision to reopen email investigation”

“Clinton smiled and waved but ignored all shouted questions. Took her ~30m before she got off plane.”

“Hillary Clinton ignores shouted questions about the FBI investigation news as she deplanes in Iowa. No reaction except for a smile and wave.”

CNN posted a video clip (without audio) of a close-up view of Clinton.

“JUST IN: Hillary Clinton arrives in Iowa amid news the FBI is taking another look at her email server”

“Here’s Clinton getting into her motorcade as reporters shouted questions”

“JUST IN: FBI Director James Comey informs Congress Hillary Clinton email investigation is back on”

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