VIDEO Exposes Leftists ASSAULTING Homeless Female Trump Supporter – The Skunk Media HID THIS FROM YOU

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson released this outstanding video showing the violence against Trump supporters this year ignored by the liberal media.

teen beat trump rally

The mainstream media REFUSES to report on this EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE against Trump supporting conservatives.
Most Americans have NO IDEA this has taken place at rally after rally.

trump supporters beaten

In June dozens of Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied in San Jose after a Trump rally. The victims ranged in age from a 14 year-old who was assaulted by two leftist thugs to a 71 year-old woman who had her glasses ripped off her face and destroyed.


The mainstream media largely ignored this public beating. Even worse, Republican leaders in Washington ignored the planned beatings.

Last week a homeless black woman was assaulted by a crowd of Hillary-supporting goons for protecting Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.

The liberal media completely ignored the story.
The liberal media is evil and cannot be trusted.

Paul Joseph Watson put together this video of the beating by the social justice warriors.
This is excellent!

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