Video Appears to Show Hillary Clinton Staffer Feeding Questions to Reporters During Post-Debate Presser

Video of Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s post-debate press conference appears to show her campaign’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill feeding questions to reporters.

Here’s the video—

Clinton spoke to reporters aboard her campaign plane, dubbed Hill Force One, following the third and final debate with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held in Las Vegas Wednesday night.


Standing behind Clinton, Merrill can be seen pushing his smartphone past Clinton into the face of NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell who looks down to read the message on Merrill’s phone. Merrill makes intense eye contact with Mitchell and cracks a furtive half-smile at her.

Moments later Mitchell asks a softball question favorable to Clinton about Trump calling her a “nasty woman” and a “puppet” during the debate.

The photo below shows Mitchell asking Clinton a question under the watchful gaze of Merrill.

“Hillary Clinton comes to back of plane after debate to take some q’s from press:what Trump said abt not accepting elex results “horrifying””

The video then shows Merrill typing out a message on his smartphone and then, raising his head to get attention, intensely staring at an unseen reporter until the reporter makes eye contact. Merrill then looks down at his smartphone as he discreetly raises it to be seen by his target and taps the smartphone twice with his left index finger in a signal to the reporter to check their own smartphone for a message from him.

The recent Wikileaks postings of hacked emails from the account of Clinton senior adviser John Podesta shows many reporters collaborating with the Clinton campaign.

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